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At tiflana.com, we envision our business as our duty towards society in general and food lovers in particular. We see ourselves as the best homemade tiffins and hygienic foodservice providers, never compromising on quality or taste! We look upon serving people staying away from home with the most palatable food.

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Tiflana was started for making tiffin available to everyone.

When anyone moves away from their family, the very basic need is healthy, homemade, everyday affordable meals for themselves. Setting up a new life at a new place, we expect food to be the last thing that would be problematic.

There are more significant concerns like housing, adjusting to a new college, and finding ourselves some part-time job. However, the endeavor for food is hard and endless, and it soon became one of the biggest problems in everyone’s deck.

In fact, one could never find something that could taste just like a mother’s meal, the one that they craved for so bad day and night in a foreign land. Slowly they adjusted to whatever was available, but that drenched their pockets very heavily.

This motivated and drove us towards starting something online, something which could help people find delicious and authentic Indian Tiffins. We wanted to offer something with low oils so that people could eat every day and cooked in a very homemade manner besides being served at pretty affordable prices! And that is how Tiflana was conceived.

Such encounters apart, at tiflana.com we believe everyday food must not only be affordable and convenient, but it must be fresh, fun, and yummy too! Nothing could be better than getting homemade tiffin with tiflana.com served at your doorstep each day. And in case you have any concerns or queries, our top-notch, in-house, ready-to-serve customer care is just a phone call away.

Tiflana.com offers you sumptuous yet nutritious tiffin provided by the best chefs and food partners. This food is prepared from the freshest seasonal ingredients and delivered to your home, office, or workplace.