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Tiflana is a world class online platform for delivering food tiffins in and around Canada. We are a technology enabled service provider with very high efficiencies and a huge customer base. So if you want to join our team or collaborate with us to grow your food selling business, come reach us easily at the below mentioned email address today!

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Are you born to cook? If you know you have that Midas touch to make any dish tasty or to render, an over-salty by-mistake preparation, a tasteful delight eating, what are you waiting for?

Tiflana provides you an easy access to thousands of customers. You just have to focus on your food preparation and leave the rest to us. We do all marketing, promotion and online presence activities and whatever is required to sell your produce.

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If there are any customer issues, we handle those on your behalf. So we leave you no room for hesitation or a no, come join our partner team today and fulfil your dream while you make some side income.

We promise our clients homemade healthy food with the best of taste and freshness. Food that tastes like home and that they can eat every day. So we expect you to have the right nutritional balance in your tiffin menu each time, we expect you to source ingredients from the best of places and we expect you to innovate and be creative in the itinerary for the menu items included over a week or fortnight let’s say.

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At, our mission is to serve our customers the right way. We believe in the customer first philosophy, and customer first is possible only if our partners are serviced well. So we have a dedicated customer care line exclusively for our partners. We resolve your queries very promptly so that there is no delay in food preparation and food delivery ultimately.

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Also, we offer and encourage you to prepare a variety of tiffins, as you like. We accept partners who prepare only breakfast tiffins, or who are specialized in only lunch or dinner tiffins too!

So you have all the flexibility while we offer those choices to the customers ultimately!