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Are you new to Surrey? Far off from home and craving home-style cooked food? We understand that in an unknown town it might be difficult to get good food for a daily meal at pocket-friendly prices. We bring you the curated list of the best tiffin services in Surrey. Even if you are not new to Surrey we recommend you to try out these tiffin services to have the best in quality food.

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For bachelors (who can’t cook) and college students living away from the family in Surrey, the biggest hurdle of the day is to manage healthy and fresh food on time and finding the best tiffin services in surrey.

And if you are among those, this piece of information will surely make you smile, because here we have listed affordable and best tiffin services in Surrey.

A standard tiffin service in Surrey serve food with variations on a daily basis. The tiffin box usually consists of roti, veggies/ non – veg, dal and rice accompanied with achar and salad. The number of chapatis varies between 6 – 8 or even more depending on the tiffin service plan. Sometimes you are given the option of swapping some chapatis in lieu of rice. Some of the best tiffin services in surrey give you tissues and plastic cutlery along with your tiffin. Pricing is very reasonable and tiffin service in surrey are starting from $160/month.

1. Surrey/Delta Tiffin Service

Let’s start with the list of the best tiffin services in Surrey with Surrey Delta Tiffin Service.

This tiffin service believes in quality and serves you home-style cooked food daily in Surrey.

Surrey/Delta Tiffin Service caters to bachelors or students in the Surrey, Delta, Langley areas.

Never compromising on the ingredients being used to cook the tasty food Surrey Delta Tiffin Service offer a variety of mouth-watering dishes and have the right amount of proteins, essential minerals, vitamins, and other daily nutrition.

You can order tiffin from surrey delta tiffin from here.

Surrey Delta Tiffin Service 5
Surrey Delta Tiffin Service
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