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Can I have multiple Tiffins selected at a single time with Tiflana?
Yes. If you order one Tiffin option at Tiflana for dinner, and you would like to choose a different one for breakfast or lunch, you are free to do so. Also if you want, you can choose more than one Tiffin options too, from different food makers for the same time of meals if you are a large group.
If I have any queries or problems after I order, who shall look into them?
For any queries, issues, or problems, you can contact Tiflana customer service and it will be there to help. You need not get into the tire-full ordeals of contacting individual food makers, we will provide help much faster and much more in a satisfying manner. Tiflana would offer replacement, discount coupons, full or partial refund, apologies or any other resolve as it deems fit depending upon the problem encountered by its customer.
Do you have veg or non-veg tiffin?
We have wide variety of tiffin options available. We have tiffin makers who only do vegetarian tiffin, non-vegetarian tiffin or both. Feel free to search and check the tiffins available before making your order.
What is the extra advantage of ordering tiffin via Tiflana?
If you order from Tiflana, you get the affordable and healthiest tiffin delivered to you in time. You will have your queries resolved promptly along with you get a number of authentic tiffins and last but not the least, you can pay via several payment methods. Don't forget to follow us on social media for upcoming offers and promotions.
Can I pay for the order by interac e-transfer or online using my credit or debit card?
Yes, you can pay for your order by interac e-transfer or credit/debit visa card. Once you have selected your tiffin, you can checkout by selecting interac e-transfer or pay right away using your debit/credit visa card. If you choose to pay by e-transfer, you just need to send the exact amount as displayed in order total to the [email protected] with your order number in the message/note of interac details.
Tiffins are available only at fixed times, what if I want tiffin at some odd times?
Tiflana has a large network of tiffin makers. You can order at almost any time and you’ll find suitable options for yourself most likely. One or the other tiffin maker serves at a given time, and Tiflana works round the clock to make this service available to you.
What is the Tiffin Start Date or when would I get my first tiffin delivered to me?
Well real time ordering is the beauty of Tiflana. As soon as you make an online payment and place your order, you will receive your order number, tiffin start date and all other details about your tiffin in the real time. Tiffin Start Date is generated automatically and is within 48 hours.
I am not able to find any tiffin near my location?
Don't worry, we are working around the clock to provide tiffin to each and every single person out there. Please leave us a message here and we will get a tiffin maker near you real soon.