India: The Land of Food and Food Lovers!

Services like that are doing a lot of good in making the lives easier for such Indian residents who reside outside the country.

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India is undoubtedly a land of food lovers who love to cook and eat variety of Indian food. This has in turn led the Indian food to a title of one of the best and the most delicious universal cuisines worldwide.

Indian Food

Wherever Indians travel, they take this heritage along with them and are talked for the delectable menu items that they are able to prepare. Indian food is liked by many people all around the world.

With the wheel of globalization taking over at such a high pace, Indians are now spread in all parts of the world. And with them is the Indian food! However, most of them are primarily there for two reasons; either for further studies or for a job!

And under such circumstances they of course get little time to cook their own daily meals! However there are services like that are doing a lot of good in making the lives easier for such Indian residents who reside outside the country and loved Indian Food.

Tiflana serve a variety of Indian food items, at different times in the day, that are good enough to be had on a daily basis without any health or weight management issues. is perhaps the, “the best name” even if you want to try Indian food for the first time as a foreigner to this land.

Tiflana tiffin service

Some of the highlights of the indian cuisine include Chicken Butter Masala, Sambhar Dosa, Rasam and Idli, Bengali Rasagullas, Assamese Fish, Tandoori Rotis, Dal Makhnai, Makki Ki Roti, Sarso Ka Saag and Lassi, Rajma Chawal, Paneer Do Pyaza, Pickles from herbs and spices, Samosas, Vada Pavs, Aloo Paranthas; you’ll be overwhelmed by the range of tastes once you try these items.

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Try something out of your confort zone for once, and you’ll relish it again and again. Perhaps this is what makes this cuisine from this small asian country such a relished and applauded one! is one such wonderful online tiffin food service among the available options in the Indian cuisine for those living out of India.

It is a top notch tiffin service that promises homemade food. It is one of the best and the closest option to enjoy authentic indian meals. The main advantages are low fat preparations and tastes that remind you of home. is definitely the best bet if you are a non-indian, and of course a mandate if you are an Indian!

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